26. September 2013: „European Day of Languages“

This was the agenda for our „ERASMUS 2014“ kick-off for the third forms commencing on Thursday 26 September in our festival hall:

– Welcome speech by principal HR Mag. Walter Martitsch.
– Special information provided by FV Mag. Sigrid Grojer.
– Information about their traineeship given by students from this year’s Leonardo project: Sarah Rudorfer, Valentina Polzer and others.

Mag. Katherine Zablatnik also established contacts via Skype with a number of graduates of our school, who then spoke about their experiences abroad:
Some of them were:

Peter Grabuschnig ( hotel manager – Sri Lanka),

Nina Selden (banker, London)

Viktoria Krug (South Africa)

Unfortunately it was not possible to establish contact with:

Simone Strohmaier (Mazda, southeast Europe)

Michaela Kall (Flextronics – India)

Stefanie Glatz (Dubai)


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