SPECIAL OLYMPICS – Unser „Team Gradnik“ holt 4 Medaillen! Herzliche Gratulation!


SUNDAY, 15 June 2014:
Romana won a GOLD medal (100 m Freestyle) and a BRONZE medal in 50 m (2nd Category)
Gerald won a SILVER Medal (100 m Freeystyle)
Marina won a BRONZE medal in 50 m. (3rd category)
Thank you for keeping your fingers crossed!!!! More details will be coming up (I sure do need some rest) Thank you to all of you who supported us!!!!!!!!
They will be on TV Kärnten Heute this evening

SATURDAY, 14 June, 5pm
50m free style: They all broke their records today:
Romana Kelly: 57 seconds (24 candidates and Romana is in 4th place!)
Gerald: 1.07 min.
Marina: 1.25 min
THEY ALL MADE IT TO THE FINALS! Tomorrow will be a tough day.
Please Keep crossing your fingers or whatever you have!!!!!!!!

FRIDAY, 13 June 2014: Kathy via Facebook:
Disziplin 100m Freistil: Marina, Gerald und Romana Kelly sind im FINALE – . –
Morgen geht es um 50 m Freistil. 100% Freude und Danke fürs Daumendrücken.

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