• Gastronomy


    Our school is a highly specialised instruction in catering, provided by our committed team of teachers, who have been able to raise standards enormously. Modern facilities such as state-of-the-art kitchens, dining rooms, reception, a wine cellar and three bars provide an optimal learning experience for the students. After four years training the vocational education ends up with exams in cuisine and waiting.
    But what we are most proud of is the mandatory three months‘ of work experience, which our students undertake in different Europe’s leading hotels. This new type of placement is supported by the European Union’s LeonardodaVinci Mobility-Project.This successful project enables our students since years to do their practical training throughout Europe, where they can improve innovative practices in the field of vocational education and training. Further the students are encouraged to gain in foreign languages, social behaviour and in their own personality.
    In addition the HLW St. Veit offers courses like “Austrian young wine sommelier”, “barkeeper” and cheese connoissieur”. These additional certificates are competitive advantages in the hospitality industry and enables the students to handle with wine, spirits, cocktails and cheese and moreover they are trained for making successful sales conversations.