English version: 20 years of INTERNATIONALISATION at HLW


On the 11th of Oct., HLW’s school community celebrated its „International Day.“ This year’s theme was „A 20 Year Retrospective on HLW’s Internationalization Strategies and Outcomes“.

From 9.00 -10.10 human resource managers from international companies and societies (FunderMax Mag. Anna Neumann), Hirter Bier (Mag. Mario Donner), Leeb Balkone (Mag. Roswitha Leeb), International Residential Community (Mag. Ingrid Thaler), Carinthian International Club, Aniela Sturm-Marschner), Sonvilla & Graf OG (Christine Sonvilla) and Knapp AG (DI Stefanie Grojer) provided our pupils and teachers surprisingly valuable advice during the Recruiting Hour. It soon became apparent that some of our teachers’ minds were on the fast-forward track dreaming up genuinely groundbreaking ideas and concepts.
Afterward, our school principal, Mag. W. Martitsch, Carinthia’s governor Dr. Peter, Kaiser, Mag. M. Prinz, head of the VET Erasmus+ dept. in Vienna, school inspector Dr. Renate Kanovsky and last but not least, Dr. Peter Czell held breathtaking, heartwarming and infotaining speeches and agile retrospectives.

Before plunging into 28 EU specialties in the school cafeteria, we had the distinct honor and privilege to listen to our former HLW students and Erasmus+ beneficiaries, Christine Sonvilla, and Stephanie Grojer) who have broken the glass ceiling and are climbing the corporate ladder at the speed of light. http://sonvilla.at/wordpress/magazine-articles/ & https://www.stepstone.at/cmp/de/KNAPP-Industry-Solutions-GmbH-24649/
Both of their lightning talks delighted the audience and were a veritable feast for the ears.

Thanks to all that worked so hard and contributed to making this day come true! Especially to 3BHW, FV Mag. Sigrid Grojer and her assiduous, proactive culinary art department as well as Mag. Helmut Pessentheiner for compiling and projecting all the images.

This is the DOWNLOAD LINK to the film.


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