3AHW – Umweltökonomie und Englisch: Fächerübergreifender Unterricht über die „Sonnenstadt“ St. Veit und Elektromobilität


We made quite an exciting excursion to “Fuchspalast” on 26 April 2016. First Mr. Andreas Reisenbauer introduced – quite generally – electric cars and solar energy to us. He told us that half of the town of St. Veit/Glan is currently using electricity, which is being generated by solar panels. It is not only used for households but also to charge electric cars. With the latest generation of batteries one can even drive over a distance of more than 600 kilometres!

Next, we went to the cinema in Fuchspalast where we were presented a film about photovoltaics as well as an interactive map of our hometown. Mr. Reisenbauer informed us that a special licence is imperative to be entitled to use an electric car. If you do not have one, you are only allowed to use electric bikes instead. To our surprise, we were even invited to take a tour in an E-car and ride E-bikes through the town centre of St. Veit. And it is true: Moving along on this modern means of transport is both silent and extremely relaxing – and you arrive at your destination as relaxed as can be!

A big THANK YOU goes to our teacher Mag. Elisabeth Hainzel as well as to our expert guide who had so many interesting details to teach us about the latest developments of solar power worldwide.

Martin, Manjana, Alexander, Massimo (all 3AHW)



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