ERASMUS+ „Job Shadowing“ with guests from PORTUGAL


What a Way to Start a New Year!

On our first day of school in 2018 HLW’s committed staff and a host of classes plunged into a new Erasmus+ KA1 project called Job Shadowing.

A. Project Course – Students‘ activities
1. Pre-mobility phase
At the beginning of December 2BHW created seven „Welcome to Carinthia“ video presentations autodidactically. The YouTube links were sent to the Portuguese delegates two weeks prior to their departure to Carinthia.
3BHW were assigned to prepare oral presentations on Carinthia’s culture, traditions, festivals, school curriculum, national holidays and Holy days, etc.
2. Mobility Phase
Upon their arrival two senior students, Jakob Weissböck and Ann Häferle (5DHW) greeted them at the train station in St. Veit. After their arrival a group of students from the 3BHW gave them a short tour of our school building.

B. Project Course – Staff activities
1. Mobility Phase
Throughout the course of the project the HLW’s Erasmus+ team presented two PPP illustrating the digital competences we implement and our „20 year-internationalisation strategies“.
Our Portuguese delegates observed our teaching methods in cooking, biology, math, service management, computer science, psychology classes, etc.
Activities connected with co-teaching, fair-trade, Cooperative Open Learning (COOL) and attendance to immersion and foreign language classes at the NMS were arranged as well.
A host of effective meetings were held with the school principal at HLW and NMS in St.Veit, head of the foreign language and culinary art departments, school counselor, PTA chair, COOL teachers, school inspectors Dr. Kanovsky Dr. Zafoschnig, Erasmus+ co-ordinators of KA1 and KA2, Carinthia’s and HLWs‘ St. Veit school representatives.

C. After school activities
Ardent members of HLW’s staff accompanied them to do some sightseeing in St. Veit, Friesach and Klagenfurt.
2. Post mobility phase
Our Portuguese colleagues will evaluate their experience, the objectives, competences and attitudes acquired.
Their mobility’s outcome will be shared on the eTwinning platform, on the school website, on the school Facebook Account, and in the local newspaper.
In the meantime the Portuguese national agency has already inquired if they could send culinary art teachers next year.

Mag. Kathy Zablatnik

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