Freiwillige mündliche Maturaprüfungen an der HLW


As in the previous year, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education issued a decree stating that all oral exams in the matriculation examination are based on voluntary participation. To make a long story short, students are free to choose whether or not to sit for the oral Matura.

Today Karoline Feichter and Stefanie Holzer, (5BHW) decided to go that extra mile. The Commission was lost for words to see how Stefanie Holzer skillfully presented her maths ability to Prof. Mag. C. Stadtmann and Prof. Mag. A. Boutz.The icing on the cake was perceiving how both students got carried away talking about everything under the sun in Italian with their examiners, Professor Dr. P. Huber and Prof. Mag. Gabriele Knafl. Congratulations! Both seniors passed with flying colours.

A big, fat THANK YOU to our Jack of all trades, Prof. Mag. H. Pessentheiner for his tireless efforts as our school photographer.

Mag. K. Zablatnik

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