Info-Veranstaltung der ALPEN ADRIA UNIVERSITÄT an der HLW

On Friday the 29th of October we had the pleasure to attend an interesting event at our school.
The recitation held by Mrs. Aurora Alonso and two of her students should give us an image of the university of Klagenfurt which is called „Alpen Adria Universiät“. After the salutation of the headmaster Mrs. Aurora Alonso, the “Außensekretärin” of the university introduced two of her students, one even graduated from the HlW St. Veit a couple of years ago.
In my point of view listening to the two girls was really a pleasure; they spoke totally freely and were really well prepared. First of all it is worth mentioning that they started with a film to show us the university and all its features, for example you can do lots of different sports. In addition there is a public library where students can do research and so on.
Currently there are 11000 students and over 1000 teachers which leads to a good balance between teachers and students. There was a fast growth over the last years but still, this university is very familiar and individual. Due to this fact, students have the great possibility to get lots of information from their professors and they can work close together. This is one big difference compared to huge universities like in Vienna, where you are sometimes kind of lost. The campus is absolutely beautiful; you have the “Europapark” and the “Wörthersee” next door. Concerning events they are very well organized and there are guests like Mister Gusenbauer and Sir Dalai Lama.
Another essential aspect is the semester abroad.
The university is really open-minded and has lots of partner universities all over the world for example one is in India, and they do a lot of exchange, protects and so forth. It is even not difficult to do this, because anyone can go and the university supports its students a lot, financially and it organizes nearly everything.
Moreover the two girls explained us the main differences between a “Fachhochschule” and a university, this was tremendously imperative. While a university is a “Berufsvorbildung” the “FH” is a “Berufsausbildung”. The university has a larger spectrum and it is more flexible and individual. A “FH” is more praxis oriented and specialized, it is similar to a school and you have fixed time schedules. Furthermore they explained the terms “Bachelor” and “Master” and they demonstrated all the “Fakultäten” and study courses very particularly and they gave us some imperative advice concerning decisions about the future.
This presentation was definitely not just advertisement for the University of Klagenfurt but it contained lots of imperative information which is essential for anyone. At the end they cordially invited us to “Die lange Nacht der Forschung” at the university which will take place coming Friday and where people have the chance to discover the university itself. They prepared lots of hand outs and weren’t tired of answering all our questions after the presentation. The icing on the cake was a little competition at the end where we had the chance to win nice little prices.

(Kruttner Isolde + Spieß Johanna, 5DHW)

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