IRELAND: Renvyle meets Wiener Schnitzel!

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Bianca, Julia J. and Sabrina surprised our lovely staff with an Austrian dinner last week. Of course, they represented Austrian food with our typical specialties.
As a starter we served soup with thinly cut pancakes (Frittatensuppe), for the main course we obviously cooked our famous Wiener Schnitzel with potato mash and as an adequate finish we decided on cut-up and sugared pancake with raisins (Kaiserschmarrn).
The kitchen staff gave them 3 hours to finish the menu. Everything went well although it sure was a stressful afternoon for them. At 5.45, our usual dinner time the crew looked a little skeptical at first. They seemed slightly irritated but after the first bite they were in love with our cuisine. Everyone was amazed by the delicious taste and the effort the 3 put in.
Greetings from Renvyle House Hotel!

Angelika Stampfer (3CHW)

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