LEONARDO-Project: Nice feedback letters from our hotel partners

Dear Katherine,

Thank you so very much for your email. You have been extremely complimentary during this entire process and I am very grateful for that! I am delighted to hear that you have successfully found placements for your students. That is great news for everybody. You too have been very helpful for me and made the process run very smoothly. I have very much enjoyed working with you and hope to do so again.

I hope that next year we will continue to work together and find suitable placements and students for 2013. If you are coming to Ireland this summer I would be delighted to meet with you.

I will give you a call tomorrow from the Clayton Hotel if you have a time that suits you for a brief chat?

Kind Regards,

Ashling Lenane
Cluster Human Resources Manager
Maldron Hotel
Clayton Hotel


Dear Katherine

Thank you for your email. Carmen and Sandra have been in touch with me and are now booking flights. They have asked lots of questions and I think are OK with everything. Good news about Julia’s presentation. All your students have been good and after the settling in period have done well. They come to us young, but at least they are in pairs to support each other and by the end of their stay will have really grown in confidence. At least they have the chance to ask students questions as well.

With kind regards

Gill Salter
Human Resources
Tel+ 44 (0) 1666 827083
Email humanresources@whatleymanor.com


Dear Katherine,

Thank you for working with us. I hope this year is as good as the last one!

Can I ask you to send us as soon as possible the dates the students are coming and leaving?

I want to get accommodation organized and be sure that everything is ok for their arrival. They can contact me after the exams, that’s not a problem, I know how nerve wracking it is exam period…

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate in contact us. Looking forward in hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Heidi Nino
Beachcombers Hotel
email: beachcombers@jerseymail.co.uk
web: www.beachcombershotel.co.uk

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