I am happy to announce, that all 61 students (56 HLW St. Veit/Glan, 3 Pitzelstätten and 2 HLW Vienna), who have applied for a summer placement abroad, have been hired. 13 students will be receiving their working contracts within the next couple of weeks, all the others have already received theirs before Christmas.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all those who have supported the HLW Leonardo Team, e.g. translating the letter of intent into French (Marie), translating the curriculum vitae into Italian (Pauline), making phone calls (Pauline, Marie, Gerit, Peter), technical support (Udo), correcting German texts (Helga), listening to me when things got difficult at times. I could go on and on thanking all of you. If I forgot anyone, just poke and pinch me on Monday.

I must admit it was a great pleasure collaborating with an „echte Kärntnerin – Ms. Grojer“ (that’s what the Viennese lady from the National Agency called her) and of course, with „Alan Greenspan“ (Mr. Pessentheiner)

We value any constructive feedback and are always open to suggestions on how we can improve our project.
On behalf of the HLW Leonardo Team, thank you in advance for your further understanding and support.


In case anybody is interested, here are a couple of facts:

* 15 old partners
* 15 new partners

05 five-star hotels
10 four-star hotels
15 three-star hotels

7 castles (3 France, 1 Ireland and 3 England)
5 hotels in cities/towns (Galway, Bozen, Arles, London, Amsterdam)

71.28% of our 3rd form students will be doing their internship abroad.
(3A): (41.7%)
(3B) (70.89%)
(3C): (96.39%)

(Katherine Zablatnik)

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