SMILE-Project 2012

„Don’t ask what your country can do to make you smile, ask what you can do to make your country smile“

Duration: 2012

If you have any ideas to pitch in, we would appreciate it. If not, just don’t bother. No strings attached, no deadlines, no pitfalls.

Here are some suggestions and ideas:

PBSK: „Smile“-experiments in all sorts of variations.
ART: Inventing a „new generation“ of smileys (???) / A „Web 2,0 – Smiley“
CHEMISTRY: What happens to your body when you smile?
GERMAN, ENGLISH; FRENCH; ITALIAN; SPANISH: Poetry; essays, short-stories, extracts, roleplay, quotations, facts, expierences; a multilingual play…(???)
COOKING/NUTRITION: Becoming aware of what makes you moody? Inventing „Fortune cookies“ (???)
RELIGION: Any ideas?
PE: clown, juggling

Thank you for more ideas and/or initiatives!

(zablatnik / czep etc. etc. etc.)

2 Meinungen zu “SMILE-Project 2012

  1. …any suggestions from a psychological or philosophic point of view?!?
    …psychology: what happens to your (body and) soul (oh! i’m loving jazz!!!) when you smile?
    …philosophy(??): what are the connections and basics and conditions thinking about „laughing & loving“?!?
    yours ever lö „not ever“ ernest

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