X-mas flash mob at HLW

During this morning’s recess the school janitors let Shakin Stevens‘ tender voice echo through our school auditorium. A couple of minutes later the auditorium was jam-packed with students to see what was going on. Suddenly seven ardent singers joined Shakin Stevens and staged HLW’s first Christmas flash mob.

It was pretty obvious that many observers never experienced a flash mob before. In the meantime I’m quite sure that many have looked up the term on the Internet. Here’s one worth watching – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsrbYxy-Vpo

A big thank you to our lionhearted singers, energetic school janitors, Mr Steinbauer and Mr. Leitgeb, masters of ceremonies, Prof. Kaspar and Prof. Pessentheiner for supporting it. It was a wonderful experience to feel the Christmas SPIRIT amidst all the hustle and bustle of this intensive exam week in our school building for just a couple of minutes.

Although it took place hours ago, I still have the tune in my head „……snow is fallen, all around us, children playing and havin fun…….“

By the way „Flash Mob-Advertising“ is a wonderful Matura theme : )

Mag. Katherine Zablatnik

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