Project meeting in Cuneo (Italy) 2004

Project meeting in Cuneo (Italy) from 10.10. – 15.10.2004

Sunday, 10.10.:

After our arrival in the evening the students were picked up by their host families and the teachers all met in Carla’s home in the village Centallo near Cuneo:
Karel and Cathy from Schagen, Ronald and Oosten from Hengelo, Marinu from Sorrento, Elfi and Elisabeth from St. Veit and several teacher colleagues from our partner school “Liceo Scientifico Statale Giuseppe Peano”.

Over several staircases we got up to the top of Carla’s castle, where a wonderful dinner – a creation of Carla and her husband, Michele – was served:
Bollito misto di bue
Bagnèt vert and Risotto

We were all happy to see each other again. Our friendship had grown during the cooperation in the last three years.

Monday, 11.10.:

In the morning we started the teachers’ conference at school. We made a review of last schoolyear’s bilateral visits and discussed the costs, the organisation and the program for the final meeting in Castricum near Schagen (Netherlands).

At miday teachers and students were invited to attend a power point presentation of the solar system in the school’s festivity hall. Italian students translated the lecture into English and French.

We had lunch in a self service restaurant and enjoyed the typical Italian and Piemontese menues.

In the afternoon we made an excursion to Ciciu del Vilar, a nature reserve on the foot of the mountain San Bernardo with the “cicius”, small and big “stone mushrooms” in a landscape with its natural vegetation. A “ciciu” consists of soft sedimentary rock, forming the mushroom’s foot, and gneiss, an originally volcanic and metamorphic rock, as the mushroom’s hat in different shapes.
Afterwards we visited the three churches of Villar San Costanzo, one with beautiful frescoes. We were very impressed by the atmosphere of the crypta.
In Dronero we drank coffee and tasted the delicious and famous sweets “Droneresi”.

In the evening we had our international dinner at Carla’s castle with traditional food and drinks from every participating country and Piemontese food cooked with love by Michele, a real gastronomic artist. The Italian teacher colleagues enriched the dinner table with their specialities. The vegetables and the sweets were a symphony of colours.

Tuesday, 12.10.: 

In the morning we had a guided tour through Cuneo – a triangle shaped city lying on a high steep slope between the two rivers Gesso and Stura (a male and a female river that merge below the tip of the triangle). We admired the very beautiful arcades of the town with the many shops, stores and bars all along. We also visited the Town Hall with the Honour Room and the Council Hall with the famous frescoes showing events of Cuneo’s history.
Afterwards we could go shopping on the big market on Piazza Galimberti and buy the typical sweets from Cuneo, the Cunesi.
Lunch was in the self service restaurant.

In the afternoon students and teachers met in the festival hall of the school. Students presented the newspaper that had been made last school year by Austrian, Dutch and Italian students.
Italian students showed a power point presentation about all their work during the bilateral visits and commented in English and French. They also presented images of the province of Cuneo.

Then the students had their own conference about the final meeting in Castricum. They discussed their visit to the Netherlands and planned students’ activities.
The teachers also continued their conference and distributed the duties for each school during the final meeting. We sent an information by email to Juliana from the Romanian partner school.

In the evening we had dinner in a typical Piemontese restaurant and celebrated our successful cooperation.

Wednesday, 13.10.:

At 8,30 the group of teachers and students departed for an excursion. First we visited the beautiful old town of Mondovi with its medieval town walls and towers, the old squares and the spectacular facades. We especially admired the frescoes of the meridians.
Then we went to Vicoforte and visited the Santuario – Basilica della Nativita di Maria Ss. – with its elliptical cupole. Nearby in the “Casa Regina Montis Regalis” we had our lunch.

The next highlight of our trip was the chocolate factory Ferrero in Alba – passing the “Langhe”, picturesque hills with vineyards. We had not expected the Ferrero factory to be so big and we were fascinated by the modern production facilities. 708.000 tons of chocolate products are made by the Ferrero company each year.
With a bag full of Ferrero chocolates we continued to a wine cooperative to buy some bottles of the famous red wine of the region, the Barolo.

In the evening we had dinner together with the students and the hosting families. It was a farewell party with traditional and jazz music played by the Italian students.
We want to thank all the musicians for this experience. It will be unforgettable for us.

Thursday, 14.10.:

At 8,00 we met in the Science Laboratory to do some experiments together with the Italian, Dutch and Austrian students. We separated chlorophyll, xanthophylls and carotinoids from autumn leaves. Then we examined different types of starch in different plants, observing them in the microscope and we proved the presence of starch with Lugol solution in different nutrients.

Afterwards we met for the final teachers’ conference. We made a revision of our work here and stored all our agreements on a floppy disk for each school.

Then we had lunch in the self service restaurant. At four o’clock we all met at the station to say good bye to our Dutch friends (with a “last kiss”).
We are looking forward to meet again in April in the Netherlands.

Elfi, Marinu, Carla and Elisabeth made a late afternoon excursion to Turin to visit the Cinema Museum. We can recommend this fascinating museum to everybody, who comes to Turin.
Then we said good bye to Marinu, who took the night train to Sorrento.

At Carla’s home Michele had prepared Banja Cauda, a typical Piemontese food, for us and the Italian teachers involved in the project.

Many thanks to the Italian team: Carla, Elena, Angela, Mirella and all the others, who made us feel welcome.
Thank you, Michele, for your open house and your introduction in Piemontese gastronomie.
Thank you all for your hospitality.
Although the weather was mostly rainy and cold we felt warmth in our hearts.

by Elisabeth Hainzl

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